Your First Step of Harm-reduced Smoking

I Use Ordinary Cigarette
The World's First One, Write A New Chapter of Smoking


Heat Without Burning

Heat withouting burning  is the
acknowledged healthy smoking
way. Many companies cost billions of
dollars in research and development


Support Normal Cigarette


Healthy and Tasty

Reduce tar and other cancerogen.
Extremely mellow taste.
Different from the traditional smelly
second hand smoking.

IUOC Heat Without Burning

When using IUOC, we just need to put the whole cigarette into it without any additive and then start heating. The temperature of tobacco will be at
around 350℃. It will produce extremely mellow taste of nicotine and
tobacco with less tar and solid harmful substance. There will be not fire, less tar, no second hand smoking, no ash and no dust.

The tobacco temperature will reach 1000℃ when lighting the cigarette.
Tar (mixture of harmful substance) will be produced between 500℃ and
900℃. And it will flow through respiratory tract to lung. 90% of them
will adhere to the lung and cause harm to lung even induce lung cancer.
In addition, tar can accelerate angiosclerosis.

Traditional smoking always causes yellow teeth, bad breath, cancer
caused by tar and environmental impact.
IUOC can solve all the problems mentioned above. At the same time,
it will not influence the people around smokers as the gas of IUOC is
fragrant. And it can reduce the risk of fire as the cigarette does not light.

IUOC Keep You Safe from Harm

The world's first electronic smoking device which truly achieves good 
taste and  heat without burning
 technology for normal cigarette.


 Patent for Invention

Invention patent and utility model
patent of sectional heating and
special driptip.

What is

Low Power/Safe
Support Ordinary

20 Seconds Preheat
3mins and 35Seconds Keep Producing Smoke Uniformly

Innovative Technology
Heat Without Burn
Healthy Smoking

Best Present
Good for

About US

Shenzhen Yukan Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company which is specializes in researching and developing, producing and selling of various innovative products. It was established in 2017 and located in Shenzhen city, with a registered capital of 10 million RMB.

What We Have Done

Launched the epoch-making product with
global invention patent-
IUOC Tar-free Smoking Device

What We Can Do

Deep research of tobacco fission elements
Make countless designs and experiments under
principle of electrical heating and smoking

Who We Are

Adhering to the concept of science and technology
change life,  we hope to guide smokers to smoke in a proper way and change the traditional smoking habits

Please send email to us or leave your message to our wechat official account if
you are interested in our products. We will reply as soon as possible!

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